Maria B.
Said has been extremely helpful and diligent throughout the process of repairing my credit. He is responsive and informative with all my questions and concerns. He has been an integral part of helping me reach my goal of buying my family a home. 6 stars!
Nick H.
If you're looking for guidance to re-establishing your credit, this is the spot. Mia has been very helpful with me and I have seen some amazing progress with my score with their help. After 6 months, my score has climbed 150 points and we're on pace to climb even more. Everyone deserves to be free from debt so I encourage anyone that is ready to give them a call.
I can't thank you enough. If you are in need of credit assistance or repair call and ask for SAID!!! This guy doesn't even need a pitch just pay the fee and let him go to work. In less than 30-60 days my credit jumped 188 pts!! This is only my second month!! Can you imagine another 30 days? TRUST IN HIM!!!!! you WONT REGRET IT!!!!!
Ronak A.
The best company ever. They fixed my credit from 509 score to 700. Mia is the best and helped me alott. She is so responsive and eager to help me. Look no further to find a company that helps you build your credit.
Kai D.
SAID at FIX YOUR CREDIT CONSULTING is AMAZING! He was able to get the Disc. Card removed completely from my Equifax credit report, and my score shot up to 782! I really appreciate all of his help during this process. Their one-time payment fee to remove negative items off of your credit report is worth every penny. Don't hesitate, start working with this phenomenal team immediately. You won't regret it!
Martin C.
A++ I was trying to get a collection removed for years on my own with no success but Said was able to get it done in a few months! I even got some inquiries cleared too! Definitely recommend to anyone, couldn't be happier.
bun k.
Yoooo!!!! This credit repair company is legit! I started off with 545 on my credit score and now I'm at 705. Its a process so please be patient.
Cecily H.
Sandra called me about my concerns, and made everything better. I really appreciate a company who cares about their customers and this is exactly this kind of company/business. I can not to this day recommend "Fix your credit consulting" enough to any and everybody. I tell my friends and family do not hesitate, you really wont regret it.
Noah Z.
I originally contacted FYCC through chat on their website, and not even 20 seconds later I got a response from Jeff! He then proceeded to answer my questions and said that someone would reach out to me after looking over my credit reports. Fast forward, I received a call later in the afternoon from Mia, who is super helpful and friendly. She was straight to the point, told me what they could help with and I started to get more optimistic about my horrible credit score. Mia not only answered my questions thoroughly, but she also gave some advice on upping my credit score. She walked me through the process of what would happen if I did decide to sign up for their services. After hearing the price, I was all in! Such a nominal charge compared to other places, and they continuously work on your credit for up to 6 months. I will provide an update in the coming months!